Monthly Update from Dr Keltner

One of the major challenges the Fort Zumwalt School District faces is the continued need to maintain and improve educational services for our students.  Fort Zumwalt is the largest public school district in Missouri to step forward this past August with in-person learning while simultaneously providing online instruction for those who chose that option. The district met these challenges in spite of unprecedented state budget withholdings combined with the reality of a global pandemic that required additional spending.  Through it all, standing together, our schools and our community made great things happen for our students and families.
On Tuesday, April 6, Fort Zumwalt constituents will see Proposition Strong Schools on the ballot. It is a proposed 39-cent tax increase that,  if approved, will help the District continue with existing educational programs and replenish reserves that have been depleted this year due to state withholdings and unanticipated COVID expenses. You can learn more at
Please take time to review this information and take time to vote on April 6.  As always, I appreciate your continued support of our students as we strive to provide them with the very best in educational opportunities.

Kevin Keltner, Ed.D.