From Your Principal

Let me begin by stating welcome to South High Class of 2023. I have had the opportunity to speak to a few of you in the short time here and I am not surprised so many have expressed how much they enjoy high school. High school does afford you a few more liberties than previous grades however, with these new found freedoms comes greater responsibility. 

I often like to remind students of a familiar quote in my office, “Life is a book unwritten, only you hold the pen.” You have the ability to do many great things in your lifetime.  Each choice and decision you make today helps shape your future. I challenge you all to be active participants in your learning at South High and take ownership of what you want your future to become.

Please know that my office is always open to you should you have questions or are in need of assistance. I encourage you to explore our extra currciulars. Whether it be athletics or one of our many clubs, if you haven’t had an opportunity to get plugged into an extracurricular yet you are not too late. To help keep up with events at South  High, our website has an immense amount of information in addition I will post things on our Twitter page @FZS2023.  Welcome again to South High and I look forward to watching you grow and succeed over the next four years.