From Your Principal

What was your New Year’s resolution?  To go to the gym more often?  To be nicer to your siblings?  To get better grades second semester?  Whatever your resolution, the New Year is a nice, fresh start.  I used to tell my English classes that with a new semester everyone starts with an A in the class.  It is up to you to keep that A.  You can do it!  Second semester of your junior year should see you working hard in your classes, raising your GPA, and taking the ACT.  You should be giving serious thought to your plans after high school.  Your grades now are important.  You can’t wait until your senior year to kick it into gear!  Saying that, I know you guys have been working hard.  Your GPAs are some of the highest I have ever seen.  Discipline has not been an issue, and you have been great fans at sporting events.  Let’s make second semester of your junior year a memorable one!