From Your Principal

How does it feel to be upperclassmen?  Being an upperclassmen does come with some responsibility.  It is partly your job to set the tone for the year.  Freshman and sophomore students look up to the juniors and seniors.  It is important that you model appropriate behavior, but even more important, that you show the underclassmen what it means to be a Bulldog.  I am sure you have seen the South High motto for the year:  Southside Strong.  We at South High truly work together and together we are Southside Strong.

 Another responsibility as a junior is keeping up with your classes.  Classes are more rigorous this year.  You truly have to start thinking about your future after High School.   Good communication with your teachers is vital.  Your counselors are also there to help, as am I.  As upperclassmen you also have the responsibility of showing positive school spirit at games.  Hopefully, you are a part of a team or club, and if not, go support them.  Some of my best high school memories come from Friday night football games and student council meetings!  High school is more that what happens between 7:25-2:25.  Get involved!

This is going to be a great year…I can feel it!