Monthly Update from Dr Keltner

Parents and Students:


You’ve heard me say it before, and this time of year it bears repeating… possibly the most important set of decisions a high school student makes is the one that builds the schedule of classes.  This month counselors begin the enrollment process for the 2022-2023 school year.  It all starts with Curriculum Night on Jan. 13.  Enrollment information will be distributed to students this month and students will be able to complete course requests online.  Choosing appropriate courses is directly related to success in the classroom, which is why this process is especially important for students.


Listed below are four items that we’ve found to be beneficial for students at this time of year. Paying particular attention to these items does nothing but help our students do their very best.  Here they are…


1.         Focus on Achievement.  As you review first semester accomplishments with your son or daughter, please give special notice to the areas in which he or she excelled.  Receiving praise and support for a job well done goes a long way in building success.


2.         Plan for the Future.  Plans are quickly being made for next year’s classes (for underclassmen) and for post-secondary education or careers (for seniors).  Make a concerted effort to work together with your son or daughter as you plan his or her next steps.  Arranging a visit to discuss college admissions and/or career options with our counselors is an invaluable investment of your time.


3.         Think Advanced Placement (AP).  AP courses are the best way to practice the skills and demands of college level coursework.  For underclassmen planning next year’s schedule, taking AP courses places you in the company of thousands of students across the nation who experience the academic rigor associated with AP as preparation for college.  Our students who have been involved with AP coursework and choose to go to college return to tell us how they are much better prepared for collegiate studies than students they encounter who didn’t choose this route. 


4.         Work Hard!  One of the hallmarks of the success our students experience at FZS is the tremendous work ethic displayed by our teachers and students.  Encourage your son or daughter to stay diligent in classwork and co-curricular activities.  We press students to challenge themselves and develop good work habits in high school because that personal challenge combined with solid work habits provide them the widest possible variety of options when they leave FZS, regardless of the post-secondary path they choose.  Many of our graduates return to thank us for pressing them to challenge themselves and work hard during their high school years – that focus in high school gives them options to pursue after graduation and pays huge dividends in the future.


As always, I continue to be impressed with the efforts of our students and teachers – their commitment to excellence is evident throughout our campus.  That tradition of excellence at South High School continues as we begin this New Year – thanks for your involvement and support!



Kevin Keltner, Ed.D.