Monthly Update from Dr Keltner

Parents and Students:

Welcome back!  Our second semester is full of excitement, and January marks the start of some important work.  Once we wrap up our first semester on January 15th, we’ll begin with what is possibly the most important set of decisions a high school student makes:  the one about which classes to take for the upcoming school year.  Our counselors will begin the enrollment process for the 2021-2022 school year soon and enrollment information will be presented to students at that time.  Parents, please take time to work with your teens as they complete their course requests.  Be looking for information coming your way via e-mail in the upcoming weeks.

Students – as I remind you each year around this time, success in the classroom is directly related to the appropriateness of the courses chosen, with great consideration given to the level of difficulty of each course and your level of interest.  Here are some proven successful tips for ensuring that you’re requesting appropriate courses in your schedule:
1. Study the Curriculum Guide.  This guide is full of valuable information.
2. Begin or revise your four-year plan with your school counselor.  No journey of purpose
can be completed without a map.
3. Take care of requirements first.  Know what is needed for graduation or selection into your
post-secondary program.  Get these requirements taken care of as soon as possible – it’s
tough to wind up late in your high school career having to take required courses that you
could have taken years earlier.
4. Balance your schedule by taking at least one class that changes the pace, meets a
special interest, or seems new and exciting to you.
5. Stretch a bit more each semester.  Taking one or two classes outside of your comfort
zone helps you grow.
6. Think Advanced Placement (AP).  AP courses are the best way to practice the skills and
demands of college level coursework.  Taking AP courses places you in the company of
thousands of students across the nation who experience the academic rigor associated
with AP as preparation for college.  Our students who choose to become involved with AP
coursework return to tell us how they are much better prepared for college than students
they see who didn’t choose this route.  
7. Think of the big picture.  Life is too short to waste even part of one year.  Seniors, in
particular:  don’t opt for a soft schedule and become lazy, undirected, or bored. 
who shy away from challenging courses or decide to “take it easy” as they get into their
final years of high school invariably return to tell us that this decision was one of the worst
choices they’ve ever made – it didn’t pay off
8. Complete the above-mentioned items earlier rather than later.  These decisions are too
important to wait until the last minute to make.

We strive to ensure that every post-secondary opportunity is available for our students to explore at FZS.  The right courses, academically challenging and interest-friendly, will go a long way in making the next school year one of the best ever and ensuring that students are well prepared for opportunities that await them after high school.  Parents – please take an active role during the course selection process.  Your son’s/daughter’s school counselor and trusted teachers serve as valuable resources during this time.  Best wishes as you pursue schedule planning during the upcoming weeks.


Kevin Keltner, Ed.D.