From Your Principal

The school year has officially ended.  Your very first year of high school has certainly been a memorable one. I had the privilege of watching you grow and mature during your first year at South High. While students and families around the world have been affected by COVID-19, I would like to pause from this narrative for a brief moment to highlight some positive experiences that warrant mentioning. During your freshman year, I witnessed the class of 2023 take on challenges with their heads held high. Successes were achieved daily within the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Two short months into your first year of high school, you displayed your school spirit in a strong second place finish in the homecoming spirit competition. Multiple successes and stories to last a lifetime were experienced this year. While COVID-19 will forever be part of your collective memories, I encourage you to not let this pandemic tarnish your previous successes.

As always, have a safe and enjoyable summer break. Time will fly by quickly, please be sure to spend it wisely. Thank you to all for your hard work during this entire school year. I look forward to next year and the next chapter in your high school career. Say goodbye to your freshman year and hello to your new title as sophomores. Stay Bulldog strong!